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  Please refer to our Google Classroom for any homework and announcements. Thank you! 

Mrs. O'Hara and Mrs. Sloane

     Ms. Sawka's Homework Policy
Homework is a privilege! It allows you to review the material to ensure it sticks with you. It also gives you the opportunity to see gaps where you may need additional practice before it becomes a bigger issue in the future. It IS necessary!

While I do believe homework is necessary, it should not be exceptionally difficult or mentally taxing. If there is ever a time that homework reaches that point, please reach out directly to me to discuss and we will create a plan for your child to complete their homework without the extreme stressors. 

3 missed homework assignments within a month requires a phone call discussion with Ms. Sawka and a parent. I understand missed homework happens once in a while but 3 within 4 weeks is considered to be a pattern that must be addressed further. 

Homework will be posted daily! You can expect the following:

Reading: At least 20 minutes of reading every night and once on the weekend (Fri-Sun). Each student will complete a weekly reading log to track his or her reading to be handed in on Monday. Any form of reading is accepted from magazines and articles to chapter books. Parents must sign to confirm your child's reading for the week.  

Math: Typically 1-2 pages in the workbook to reinforce today's math skill(s) at home. 
Word Study: 4 nights of Word Study (spelling) homework each week and quiz on Friday! New sorts will be taught on Monday during virtual PM sessions in small groups. Please refer to the "Word Study Groups/Schedule" tab for further details! 
*Words Their Way will be in the Notebook and students will use the Word Study Homework Menu glued in the front for their homework each night. 2 activities require parent signature and will be counted as a missed homework if it comes back unsigned.