• Please complete the following homework to help you prepare for your next class.
    Remember, I am always available first thing in the morning for any help you may need- just ask your parents to please email me the night before you plan on arriving so I know to expect you. 

  • Math:
  • Reflex Math 3x per week...Go for the green! Get that certificate!
  • Vocabulary/Spelling: 
  • Friday Vocabulary and spelling quizzes will be on alternate weeks
  • Reading: 
  • Read Read Read - Fill out your new reading log by the end of the month ...READING MARBLES AWAIT YOU :) 
  •  Goal: at least 3x/week for 30 min each night, SIGNED to earn a marble! Top readers get bonus marbles! Let's get some stop and jots on there too...predictions, inferences, interpretations and thoughts about your reading! SHOW ME WHAT YOU KNOW! :) 


Reminders: Please check your agenda and take-home folder regularly